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YI LUO (Lori)
Digital Marketing
Feb 19th, 2014
Digital marketing plan for midterm project


I am an easy-going extrovert girl who always likes to smile. I treasure everyday in my life and love to deliver optimism and share happiness with other people. I am also very socialized that I have a lot of friends from different countries. Carrying my curiosity, I have experienced different lifestyle and networked with people from various backgrounds. Since I am living in New York City, one of the best cities in the world, I plan to utilize my digital platforms to record my life and share great happenings in NYC.

In addition, I think I was born as a marker with nimble mind and insightful thinking. I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur specialized in e-commerce with three-year online business experience. With my ambition and passion on business, I have consistently kept an eye on e-commerce industry and explored entrepreneurship opportunities whether I am in China or New York City. I have been developing my online store in China selling interior decorations.

As I see online fashion industry will be the fastest-growing field in the future, I will specialize in the fashion jewelry since I believe it is the most valuable chain. Recently I plan to set up my online store on in the U.S. selling women’s accessories imported from China. Since NYC is a famous international fashion city, I will merge NYC culture & lifestyle into my business concept to differentiate my jewelry from others with a unique identification.


I plan to divide my objectives on digital world into two parts:
80% of the content will be to share fashion jewelry & trends syncretizing NYC city culture & lifestyle and smoothly promote my online store selling fashion jewelry. I will try to shoot my jewelry with the exclusive NYC landmark scenery and make NYC part of my product culture to specialize my business.
20% of the content will be to record my life and share great happenings based on NYC. While the main goal of my digital platforms are to promote my fashion jewelry business, I plan to smoothly add my personal life in NYC to share exclusive NYC lifestyle and unique NYC tone to relax audience and attract them by the fascination of the great city.

Selected digital channels:

I will select Wordpress, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to achieve my digital marketing goal.


As my first personal blog in the U.S., I will utilize it consistently with my objective. On one hand, I will collect and show fashion jewelry & trend information mainly using summarized words and photos to make myself a good fashion advisor. Besides, I will try to post my own product photography with unique NYC scenery to raise audience’s interest of the city as well as the product. Gradually when I am trustful enough to build my fans base, I can smoothly merge my product information and advertise them to promote my own business, for instance, to insert a shopping link along with the blog post.

On the other hand, I will also share the culture and great happenings base on NYC. It could be a great restaurant I went to with my friends during restaurant week, or a park I explored with some uniqueness, or a wonderful event I attended, or even a photo of skyscraper. Therefore, the blog can maintain a fresh tone to sketch some personal life not to be too commercial and intensive.


As the most popular and active social media platform, I will open my public account for my jewelry…