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Digital Media Human nature is changing day by day. The minds of our youth, in these last few decades, are relying more and more on Facebook. In particular they’re becoming obsessive over picture uploading on facebook. I believe that it has ruined some people’s lives. I believe it has helped humans evolve as well. Abram on the other hand believes that these pictures or “ideograms” are “pictorial characters that refer to not only visible entities that they explicitly picture”(Abram 31), but portray other meanings(s) as well. I will be talking about the principal of picture uploading, involving Abrams theories, and how picture uploading can tie into cyber bullying. As of the last decade, not only our youth, but also adults have consumed facebook as well. Our daily lives are being photographed for the world to see. Weekends out partying, lake cabin outings, and even sport events are being pictured for friends and family to see. Is this a good thing? Or is it bad? That’s for the people of the world to tell. The positives can be that you will always have those pictures to look back on your life. Pictures make you and others happy. Not only do we have forever-long memories, but also it makes us feel good knowing we had a good time at the particular place the picture was taken. The negatives can out way the positives. Sports player can be suspended for posting pictures of illegal substances like alcohol, and drugs. Now whether or not this is a good thing or not it can be stopped. By simply avoiding pictures with these substances, or avoiding taking pictures in general can prevent this. Abram believes that there was more then one meaning to an image. He believes that the image portrayed a message. For example an image with a puppy in it and a boy playing with smiles on their faces shows that they are having a fun time playing but it also represents happiness. The picture is telling the viewer that this is what happiness is. When people upload pictures onto facebook they are sending a message to their viewers. The secret message underlying the present image can mean more than the image itself. People can feel emotions from these images either good or bad. Feelings of guilt, sadness, happiness, jealousy, hatred and much more can cause a persons mood to change drastically. When they are happy when a picture is uploaded of their liking they will become addicted to facebook pictures like smoking a cigarette. It can relieve stress and exfoliate it as well. When the people of the world get hooked, it’s hard to get off unless there’s someone or something to help. I know personally a few girls that spend over ten hours a day on facebook and creeping on photos. Should our humanity be doing this over more productive things like studying or making money? I think not. This is a mind control invention that is diminishing the IQ of the people all around the world. Moderation is a perfect action to teach our youth. Every now and then, maybe an hour a day of it will suffice. Abram said “the efficacy of these pictorially derived systems necessarily entail a shift of sensory participation away from the voices and gestures of the surrounding landscape toward our own human-made images”(Abram 31). Abram is telling us that the images we are looking at with our own two eyes are being shaped and portrayed by what we’ve went through in our lives and our experiences. A picture of a dog could mean happiness to a lot of people for example. For a different person it could mean anger or death. Say a wolf killed a boys father and every time he sees any animal like a wolf he feels that anger and death. With all of the hype about facebook and how we can upload pictures onto it for the world to see . . . there comes a huge negative from it. Not only girls but males as well across the world are being bullied, harassed, made fun of, embarrassed, and humiliated from facebook. Some people don’t realize the damage they’re doing to others when they think it’s