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My goal is to be a photographer and I selected this career because I like taking pictures. COPS-The skills and abilities that I need in these jobs are apply artistic skills, such as painting, drawing, or modeling in practical ways. Make finger and hand movements correspond with seeing to operate equipment, adjust instruments, and use pens to make sketches or use measuring tools. Select the tools, materials and methods which are best for each purpose. Use your eyes, hands, and fingers skillfully to guide knives, pens, brushes, and modeling tools precisely. Picture the way the finished product should look from computerized drawings. Choose the most appropriate equipment to express an idea or create a particular effect and use fingers skillfully when making drawings. Understand and apply artistic principles and techniques. Perform detailed work with great accuracy. Take pride in turning out work that appears attractive and meets the standards set by a customer or your supervisor. Look at an object and notice tiny flaws which should be removed or repaired. Understand and use blueprints, sketches, drawings and other kinds of directions. Work to precise measurements, use arithmetic to measure, compute, compute amount of materials to use, and to inspect a product to be sure it meets requirements. Suggested activities to get experience that I need to take to get more experience are
Take crafts or ceramics classes, take art classes, draw cartoons, sketch or paint posters. Join an art, media, or photography club. Enter photography or art contests, do etchings with woodburning tools, make models of cars and airplanes. Take photographs or make videos of friends, family, animals or scenery. Use a computer graphics program to design a newsletter or newspaper.

Where I will attend is Penn Highlands Community College. The class for photography will cost $69. It will cost $3,830.00 to go to school there and there are no living accommodations because it’s a community college. What degree I will obtain there is an associate in specialized technology degree. During the 10 years of operation the community college had expanded its academic offers in liberal arts and career programs and to include online courses, and advanced technology offers. In addition to that they also provide area residents with credit courses, they have increased noncredit and are continuing education programs to meet to the workforce development needs of the region. President Dr. Anna Weitz vision was to grow enrollment and expand the outreach of the college to the surrounding countries that were underserved or were not served by any Community College. To achieve their goal, the Community College petitioned the Department of Education to change their name from CCACC to reflect a more regional approach. The name was changed to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College on July 1, 2004. Pitt Johnstown was founded in 1927, it is the first and largest regional campus of the University of Pittsburgh. It is a vital knowledge center and a contributor to the region’s educational, social, cultural, and economic development, UPJ provides a high quality educational experience that is designed to get students ready for the real world of the 21st century. UPJ’s record of excellence was reflected in part by the accomplishments of the students, faculty, and staff; more than 20,000 alumni achievements are on record; the gratification of area employers; and accomplishments of many external organizations. University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown brings a high quality educational experience in a supportive living and learning environment that is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, and is current and responsive to both our students’ personal and professional needs and also to our communities needs. UPJ’s campus is located on 655 picturesque acres in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, 70 miles east of