Digital Photography Program Essay example

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A photograph gives an input to our brain with a visual language. Photography uses light to paint an image to show many moments frozen in time. Photography tells a story that has no narration. These are all of the reasons why I chose the digital photography program at The Art Institute of Michigan. For as long as I can remember, I have always had a desire to attend this college. However, it was not until recently that I discovered photography to be my passion. Your college will help me gain the understanding to use light, composition, and communication to build a successful career in photography. This summer I participated in the summer studio and photography came naturally to me. Before using a canon camera, drawing was my earliest passion. Beginning with sketched figures moving onto portraits of musicians. As I grew up, my techniques gradually improved and developed my own style. I’ve shared my talent to family and art shows. When I’m not studying or drawing, my cousin is my main responsibility. Tutoring and babysitting are the two most important in my pastime. Filming is another interest other than photography. The reason why is, because being an avid skateboarding fan gave spur to work with more than one camera. Hope without a doubt is to proceed onto your college next summer. Additionally, begin a career in landscape, sports, underwater, and concert photography in the near future. Being able to travel the world to beautiful scenery is breathtaking. The…