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Topic in Unit 9: digital readers to benefit students

Advanced technology applications in education are widely recognized as an effective means of supporting both students and teachers. The success of electronic readers such as Apple’s tablet and Amazon’s Kindle which has been a breakthrough of high technology has facilitated electronic book use to be prevalent. However, its use has recently become a controversial issue when opponents supporting traditional printed books claim that this new technology has many risks to students. This essay will argue that digital readers would bring enormous benefits to student. This will focus on its convenience and modern features.

The major argument in favour of electronic readers is that this digital technology would assist students not only to easily access their own materials but also latest information worldwide. This is due to with only this small advanced device which is a few hundred grams in weight and possibly captures thousands of books each student would own a bookstore beside them. Such benefits of this device may help student simply find out the information needed whenever and wherever with a click. While some argue that heavy reliance on this technology may limit students’ creativity, globally constantly updated information would create new awareness and enhance their knowledge as a result. Therefore, its convenience should be taken so as to support students to study more effectively.

In addition to its convenience, this technology has also modern features which would have valuable contribution to encouraging students to read books more. This is an important consideration because the number of students reading has recently shrank. Thus, with containing multimedia features such as animations, audio narration and sound effects