Digital Readers May Benefit Students Essay

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In recent decade more and more electrical device arise such as iPad and Amazon’s Kindle. Many educators are pointing that these successful digital readers may be able to provide all the books a student needs, however others indicate that this will result in some problems like health and intellectual property. This essay will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of digital readers. This will be done by focusing on analyzing the effects of students rely on e-books. Some articles reveal that using computer for an inordinate time will harm for health. Thus if students depend on digital readers to study, it means they should look at a small screen for a long time which may causes eyesight problem. Although iPad is convenient to download books, it is also easy to share with others which may result in intellectual issue. However some students may not have sufficient knowledge of intellectual property authorization, this may enable students doing something illegal.
In consequence, digital readers are convenient but it also has potential deficiencies such as health issues to students. Although there are some disadvantages of e-books, there are also numbers of positive aspects of digital readers. First, e-readers enable students spending less money on purchasing books, because publishers do not need to use paper to print which causes they can decline publishing cost and provide lower price for students.
Furthermore, it is convenient for students to transport;