Dignity: Human Person Essay

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José Alcantar
Sister Martin Therese
Theology 3­4
3 October 2014
The Human Person The Human dignity, of which we inherited at the moment of conception, is something which cannot be taken away. In Genesis 1:26­27 it is Implied that every person has value, worth, and distinction. The Catholic Church teaches us that we are all made in the likeness and image or god which Is intellect and free will. Also that the human person has a very huger unmeasurable amount of dignity. Lastly, that every single human life is considered sacred ( dignity falls into this category). Do we, the human person, uphold dignity? In many ways yes. We may sometimes not show or prove that we do have dignity because of our actions but we do. For example, committing a crime that a person may appear as if he/she has no dignity, as in it is hard to see their dignity. In another case we have those who are charitable and loving in that case you can clearly see that person has dignity. Both of these examples clearly prove that every single human being has the same amount of dignity. Respect, what exactly is it? Well put into my own words I believe respect is how you see someone and how you respond to them. Respect is something you show to your parents, teachers, friends. It's pretty hard to respect someone especially if they rude or someone that is infamous. So that being said to respect a person or group would be to think highly of one or many and to admire their…