Dilemma at Devil Den Essay

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Case Report


Dilemma at Devil’s Den

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Susan a business student at Mt Eagle College is working part time inside her campus snack bar ‘THE DEVIL’S DEN’ which is managed by contract with an external company COLLEGE FOOD SERVICE (CFS)

Student employees involved are those who worked at night shifts and on the weekends. They are students at the college and are under supervision of another student, who held the position of manager. There was approx 30 student
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❖ The organization did not have a strong work culture as well as a framework rules and regulations for the well being and proper functioning, consequently rules were being flouted.

❖ There was no proper remuneration and incentives as well as scrutiny for the wrongdoers ,no precedent in the form of punishment had been set so far so the work force were in their comfort zone.

❖ Managerial inefficiencies and failure to motivate the team and employee at the devil’s den.

The case throws up a set of alternatives that Susan has on how to clear her conscience and solve the dilemma she faces.


Objective of the case: is to solve the under mentioned problems in DEVIL’S DEN

• The unprofessional behavior of the employees at the Den were in they were allowing their friends to take away food for free

• The breaking of norms of the organization by taking food home , i.e. outside the work place when they were not allowed to

• The incompetent behavior of the management which was ignoring the deeds of the DEN’s employees

• Ultimately to make the organization come out of all losses n work in profits


1. Susan decides to keep silent and lets the present scenario as it is and waits until she becomes the manager to clean up the house.

Advantages :

• She