Dimension and Marshall Point Lighthouse Essay

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Kasmine Sinclair
Dr. Smithers
Art 1030-03, Spring
February 18, 2013
Visual Analysis Paper “Growth , evolution, and the desire to take one’s self to a higher level; whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally, creatively… that’s what this exhibition is about,” explained Shane Moore. An evolution and retrospective imagery is the factor that’s used to get a point across with photography by him. After visiting Downtown Artist Co-Op, I saw many varieties of Shane Moore’s artwork. However, the Marshall Point Lighthouse is photo number 33 out of 49 pictures, and cost $150 if purchased. All in all, out of the 5000 Days exhibition, the Marshall Point Lighthouse artwork stood out stronger in content the most. The medium of Marshall Point Lighthouse is digital print, and the display size 16 x 20. Instead of using printing plates, this method of printing uses different files as a source of media. As a modern day technology, digital printing use lasers or ink jetting to print an image. The artwork shown is 2 dimensional, because it’s a print. Based on the width and height of the Marshall Point Lighthouse, the dimension creates itself unlike a 3 dimensional object would. The actual space in this photo happens to be the surface and the size that Shane Moore chose to put it within. The Marshall Point Lighthouse is representational because it’s representing a meaningful definition that the creator wanted to make the audience acknowledge. In detail, the artwork represents light, determination, and hope, and gives off a reminder that even in the darkness you’re not alone. Furthermore, the representational artwork is naturalistic. The nature setting of the photo is realistic, because it’s a real place. The top of the lighthouse is the focal point in Marshall Point Lighthouse. The artwork is viewed as a balanced symmetrical piece. If the photo was to be split in half, the right and left side would match up at the focal point. The focal point creates a linear perspective; parallel lines that go on into a vanishing point. Based on the lines and shading, chiaroscuro, the intensity is set due to the sunset. Monochromatic, like a gray scale, but this specific artwork has a sepia toning that relies on the brown scale that concludes natural light. As a whole, unity includes the feeling that’s visualized