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Dino Enriquez
Mr. Dawson
APUSH/Period 6
14 February 2015 United States Expansion Essay In the early 19th century Americans had the belief that they were destined by God to expand the continent west. When the nation was continuing to expand and more land was gained, arguments within the government was altered weather the new lands gained would lead into the Civil War, resulting into a North victory eliminating slavery in America. This would begin the South’s reconstruction, and the populist revolt which is the political interest of farmers. These events would lead into the late 19th early 20th century industrial revolution. With more and more industries growing and urbanization factor many cities became over populated which created problems. After a war with Spain and the treaty of Paris, the United States once again expand. Although, historical debate rages to whether Imperialism was a continuation/departure, however strong evidence it was both a continuation and at times a departure was the similarities and at times a departure was the consequence both periods face and the motive/goals of gaining the land. Similarities both expansionist periods had that show it’s a continuation was that both periods faced political, military, and strategic issues regarding the nation. Evidence that shows continuation was the political belief of expanding the continent for population purposes. It’s a continuation because both expansionist periods faced war with a foreign nation in order to acquire land such the Mexican-American War and the Spanish American War. Strategic issues both expansionist periods faced was the usage of the new land acquired. These factual references show the imperialist was a continuation because of the similar events goals both periods went through. Differences both expansionist periods had that show it’s a departure was that both periods faced economic, commercial, and new market issues or differences. Evidence that show it’s a departure are the goals imperialist expansion had compared to the old manifest destiny, the imperialist expansion goals and motives for accruing land was for spreading industrialism, and establishing a new market and commercial trade with foreign affairs such as the pacific islands and China. These factual references show that the Imperialist expansion was also a departure. The similar thing the Old Manifest