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October 21, 2014 The Jurassic period was dominated by dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.
Although all unique in different ways, there were a few that had a brow horn, These brow horn animals, known as the triceratops, could endure life by land.
The Triceratop most feature ­ brow horn­ varied by the age of the dinosaur. The brow horn is about 3 feet in length. They were formed with an outer covering and an inner core. They are made out of solid bones which is attached to its giant head.
The Triceratop had a bulky torso that was supported by it’s four stocky legs. The hind legs were slightly longer than the front legs and had four toes, while the front had three toes. They also have a thick but short tail.
Do to triceratops being herbivores they ate low growing plants because of their short necks and their low heads. They have may have eaten leaves, bushes, grass, and small trees. They may have also been able to eat taller plants by knocking them down with their horns and beaks.
Triceratops lived in the North America in the late Cretaceous 70 million years ago. They weighed to about 6 to 12 tons and they were about 30 feet (9.15 meters).
Triceratops used there brow horn to fight away other animals and locked horns if their group didn’t listen.

In 1887, the first bones of a triceratops was discovered in Denver and were sent to Othniel Charles Marsh. At first Marsh believed that it was a bison that he discovered.
It wasn’t until…