Diploma Task 426 Essay

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Dawn Muscroft

Teaching, learning and assessment in education and training


The purpose of this report is to show an analysis of the role and responsibilities of teachers, incorporating some research topics including codes of practice, and also the boundaries and relationship between the teaching role and other professional roles.
The report will also show the roles of initial and diagnostic assessments.

My own role and responsibility in education and training

Blatchford (2013) identifies that regarding professional conduct, a teacher is expected to show high standards, uphold public trust, act within the statutory frameworks, and have a proper and professional regard for ethos, policies and practices
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Diagnostic Assessment

bksb® is the UK's most popular online Functional Skills Solution. Last year, over 1.2 million individual learners used bksb to improve their Functional Skills in English, maths and ICT. In the 19 year history, over 25 million learners have benefitted from our easy-to-use online assessments and learning resources.
This type of diagnostic assessment is useful within the teaching arena, as it highlights areas where the learner would benefit from extra support, or further training.
During some courses, the initial and diagnostics assessments can be varied. My own experience of both initial and diagnostic assessments has been mixed as a reviewing tool.
During spelling tests and grammatical sheets that needed writing on, my learning style as a visual learner was put to use, as I could read and re read the paper, and check the work that I had completed in both the English and the mathematical pieces. However, when it came to the bksb diagnostics, I felt more rigid and nervous, as I also had to concentrate on my hand eye coordination, moving the mouse to where the correct section should be, the classroom environment that I was in during the session, and a number of distractions from others. I feel that the bksb did not build my self-confidence and this can be detrimental in some cases. Each learner will have their