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Teacher: Kashawn Prince
EDU 706 Assignment: Chapter 8: Lesson Plan: Setting Objectives and Providing Feedback
Subject: AppleCare Protection Apple Customer Director Employees
October 22, 2013
Target/Objective: Customer Directors will gain the necessary information to become top sellers of the AppleCare Protection Plan by providing customers with the benefits of this service.
Materials Needed:
Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to identify the benefits of AppleCare. Students will know the importance of advising customers of AppleCare
Students will be able to sell AppleCare Agreements and effectively meet weekly goals.
1. What will be done to help students review and practice the information learned in lesson?
Students will watch PowerPoint presentation and also look on Apple website to verify products covered by AppleCare. Students will be able to identify the products and coverage AppleCare provides. Students will be able to advise customers of what services are covered and the price of AppleCare. Students will be quizzed on products and services offered.
2. How will the teacher know if students have learned the information?
The students will be monitored daily to verify they have a clear understanding of AppleCare. The student’s weekly goals should also be met.
Assessment: Student will be given a quiz at the end of the lesson and PowerPoint to determine their understanding of AppleCare. For future help students will be