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BA 4V93 Direct Marketing

Name: ______________________________________

Homework assignment due March 27th

Requirements: a) This is an individual assignment, I don’t want to see the same topic and responses b) Please turn in a hard copy AND staple the pages, no unstapled papers will be accepted c) Must be typed, I will NOT accept any handwritten paper d) You must complete ALL the information on this page e) You must provide several screenshots of key parts to show what it does

Grading scale:
95-100 Answered all the questions and screenshots AND found something very unique, which would be very useful for a direct marketer
90-94 Answered all the questions and screenshots AND found something very unique but it is not clear, convincing or easy to see it’s usefulness for a direct marketer
80-90 didn’t answer all of the questions thoroughly and is not a very unique or useful tool
1 to 70 very little to no effort
0: didn’t turn it in or : shared HW with classmate

Objective: You are to do some online research (this is where you should spend most of your time) and find some “unique” relatively unknown FREE social media tool which could be used for direct marketing purposes and provide the following information on it.

Do not use the following well known tools some of which we will cover in class; for example the SEO toolbar from; wordpress; Google Adwords, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter , Tumbler , Metcafe, YouTube or Flickr However