Directional Process Analysis: How To Be A Skier

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Keegan Wells
4th Period English
March 12, 2015

Directional Process Analysis Essay: How to be a skier

Skiing is a great recreational activity that helps one stay in shape. Not only does it help the core and quad muscles, it’s fun! Skiing can be a challenge when you start, mainly because it requires balance, agility and stamina. Skiing provides a great winter day filled with fun in the sun!
Before you start, make sure you have a mountain to ski at, proper gear and a great attitude. The first step to being a skier is to buy a pair of skis. There are many types including: Backcountry, downhill, cross country, old school, snowblades also known as “the short things that no one likes.” Secondly, take lessons and learn the basics. Remember, if you French fry when you’re supposed to pizza, you’re going to have a bad time. Learn the following ski slang such as the following: Pow, dank, dump, jib, vis, killa, smear, chowder, fakie, switch, gaper, yard sale, rocker, pizza and rear entry. Next, learn the powder day rules: No friends, no work, no breaks, no food, no excuses and no shanagins.
Now remember, the intensity of your goggle tan is crucial. It is in direct correlation to how cool you are. It should probably look like a 9 o’clock shadow. When landing jumps, use your “steeze zone” The steeze zone is the angle you lean back at after landing a jump To add personal style use tactics such at jazz hands, use gymnast ribbons, or making it rain, throwing multiple bills in the air while in the zone.
To become a true ski bum, the ultimate goal, work all summer so you don’t have to during the winter. Season passes can be expensive, so don’t be