Directive Terms: The Hitler Youth

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Directive term:
Assess: make a judgement of value, quality, outcomes, results or size .

Key terms:
1933-39: from Hitler’s inauguration as chancellor to the commencement of WWII.
Social and cultural life: indoctrination of children into the ‘Hitler Youth’, role of women, religion, limitations on literature and music etc., industrial workers

• Different demographics within German society were affected to varying degrees by Nazi policy.
• Cultural life become impacted, however, for the most part, social life did not.
• Ultimately, those who were not deemed as ‘outsiders’ (i.e. Jews, homosexuals, members of the church who did not willing comply with the ideology of the regime) ultimately were positively impacted under the Nazi regime.
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Women into workforce became more pressing due to mobilisation for war.
• Goebbels “the mission of women is to be beautiful and bring children into the world. ”

Hitler Youth • The aim of the Hitler Youth was to create a lasting transformation of society.
• This was achieved by capturing the minds of the young people and indoctrinate them with Nazi ideology.
• Originally developed in 1926, but it was with the appointment of the Von Schirach as leader in July 1933 that the organisation began to develop rapidly.
• Before the Hitler Youth Law of 1936 boys and girls were recruited into the movement, at first voluntarily, but after the law was passed the movement became compulsory.
• The second Hitler Youth law of 1939 was implemented because further regulations were needed to deal with those who sought to find loopholes in the regulations.
• Fun activities such as camping, sport etc.
• Real aim was indoctrination of young people.
• Taught meaning and purpose of Nazism to the future leaders of the state.
• Oath of loyalty to Hitler.
• Some sought to eradicate