Director: Embalming and Funeral Directors Essay

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Funeral pratices and rites vary greatly among cultures and religions. Among the many diverse groups in the Untied States funeral pratices usually share some common elements removing the deceased to a mortuary preparing the remains perfotming a cermemony that hornors the deceased and adressess the spirtual needs of the family and finaly dispostion of the remains. Funeral directors arrange and direct these tasks for grieving families. Funeral directors is also called morticians or undertakers. This career may not appeal to everyone, but those who work as funeral directors take a great pride in their ability to provide efficient and appropriate service. They also comfort the family and friends on the deceased. Funeral directoes arrange the details and handle the logistics of funerals. They interview the family to learn what the family members desire with regard to the nature of the funeral, the clergy memebers or other person who will offeciate and the final dispostion of the remains. Sometimes, the deceased leaves details intructions for his or her own funeral. Together with the family funeral directors establish the locations, dates, and times of the wakes, memorail service, and burials. They arrange for hears to carry the body to the funeral home or murtuary. Funeral directors also prepare obitury notice and have them places in newspaper arrange for pallbearers and clergy, schedule the opening and closing of a grave with representative of the cementary, decorate and prepare the sites of all service and provise transportation for the remains mourners and flowers between sites. Most funeral directors also trained, licensed, and practicing embalmers. Embalming is a sanitary, cosmetic, and preservative process through which body is…