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Edward Scissorhands Essay.

In ‘Edward Scissorhands’ by director Tim Burton we can see fear is often the ruling influence in the lives of people in the fictional town of Suburbia. Some characters show more fear than others because they feel more depth and emotions. Peg Boggs shows a different kind of fear than the other people in Suburbia. Peg shows no fear towards the things she loves to do, as she isn’t afraid of what people may say. Peg delivers and sells Avon to the town, even though nobody seems to be interested. Peg dresses differently than the citizens of Suburbia. Peg shows fear towards of what people may think of her bringing Edward into the community. Peg tries to cover-up Edwards differences so he can try and be normal. Even though Peg is a warm hearted, welcoming person she still has her fears. Joyce shows fear towards being rejected. She always seems to want to be centre of attention. Joyce shows this fear when Edward runs away from her whilst she is showing him her salon accessories. She also has a fear for not be informed with what is happening in people’s personal lives.

Esmerelda is afraid of things that aren’t in God’s nature. This means that she is scared of Edward, as he was created, not born. This is shown when she tells Edward that he is the devil and from the pits of hell. Esmerelda’s life is ruled by her fears she has a different view of people as she is more religious then others.
Most characters that live in Suburbia are ruled