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Director’s Letter
Dave “Doc” Piltz, Chapter Director

I hope everyone has had an opportunity to take advantage of the early spring weather here in Minnesota. As I recall, the last time I was able to ride this early in the year, I was actually in Daytona at Bike Week! This time, I got my Springer out of storage on March 9 and was able to ride some all that weekend. The first week out, I was able to ride to work all but one day that week and took a quick trip to St. Cloud on the weekend, just because I could. It has been glorious! However, I will admit that I am not particularly fond of the “tweener” weather during the week; it is a bit nippy in the morning and much more pleasant when I ride home in the evening. The problem is, I have extra clothes from the morning ride that have to be stuffed in my saddlebags because I don’t have the luxury of heated gloves, jacket, etc., or fuel injection for that matter (lol).

I want to thank everyone who was able to attend the LOH Pool & Dart event at The Dive in Maplewood. LOH raised $85 for Women’s Advocates, Inc. and everyone who was there had a good time. Thanks to LOH Director, Mary Kay Piltz and to everyone who helped.

Finally, most of our new officers had the opportunity to attend the annual Harley Officers Training (HOT), this in that exotic locale, Downtown Minneapolis. HOT is a great opportunity for Chapter officers to learn about what is involved in running a HOG chapter and how to work with the variety of