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2011 Boyceville Invitational

In the space below, define “peristalsis”. Neatness counts.

In the space below, define “presbyesophagus”. Neatness counts.

What is the first step in mechanical digestion and where does it occur?

What is the first step in chemical digestion and where does it occur?

Label the large intestine with the letter “A” Label the stomach with letter “B” Label the esophagus with letter “C”
Label the duodenum with letter “D”
Label the ileum with letter “E”
Label the gallbladder with letter “F”
Label the pancreas with letter “G”
Draw the salivary glands in the correct location and label them “H”

Which layer of the alimentary canal in closest to the lumen?

mucosa muscular layer submucosa serosa

Blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves are located in the

mucosa submucosa muscular layer serosa 15.The villi of the brush border line the

esophagus stomach small intestine large intestine

A 22 year old college student goes to his student health center complaining of 2 weeks of pain in the upper abdomen that developed while he was studying for finals. The doctor questions the patient and she finds out he is drinking 8 cups of coffee and 3 Mountain Dews per day, taking 4 Advil tablets per day, smoking 10 cigarettes per day and he had 4 beers last weekend. He also complains of black, tar-like stool this morning. The doctor examines him and finds he is very tender in the upper abdomen. This is a classic case of

appendicitis hepatitis stomach or duodenal ulcer lactose intolerance

The doctor tells the above college student to immediately quit smoking, stop all coffee and Mountain Dew, stop alcohol and Advil use. She also

gives him a medication to block stomach acid production gives him a medication to help digest lactose gives him a medication to protect his liver sends him to have his appendix removed

What enzyme is deficient in lactose intolerance? __________________

How does the product Lactaid treat lactose intolerance?

Naturally occurring lactase is found in the

saliva pancreas stomach small intestine

List 3 symptoms of lactose intolerance.

__________________ _____________________ _______________________

Lactose is found in

pepsi gatorade milk fruit juice

23.With very strenuous exercise, blood flow to the alimentary canal increases. T F

Which disease listed below affects both the digestive and respiratory systems?

diarrhea hepatitis sleep apnea cystic fibrosis

25.The most common cause of COPD/emphysema is ____________________.

The best way to prevent COPD/emphysema is to

never smoke and avoid 2nd hand smoke smoke low tar cigarettes roll your own cigarettes

The 2 most important gasses being exchanged in pulmonary ventilation are __________ and ___________.

What is meant by “dead space” when discussing the respiratory system?

29.Draw a line connecting each measure of ventilation with it’s definition.

Total lung capacity volume remaining after max exhalation

residual volume amount of air moved in and out in quiet breathing

tidal volume volume in lungs at max