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Getting’ muddy

Ever since they were first created in the early 1930’s, dirt bikes have always been a fun way for people of all types to pass the time. The first style of dirt bikes were seen in England and used in races formally known as “scrambles”, which was later replaced with the universal worldwide name, of motocross. Although motocross racing is the most relevant and popular style of dirt biking in modern times, there are several other categories that dirt bikes fall into. Within each of these categories there are also different styles of dirt bikes. Several of these styles include hill climbers, enduros, and trial bikes. The first bikes that will be covered are the style of hill climbers. These bikes are made specifically for; well you guessed it, climbing hills. These dirt bikes have a few different modifications than your standard off the shelf dirt bike. For instance, the rear tire and swing arm are extended to a greater length than a normal dirt bike. This improvement is meant to provide more stability when climbing hills and to keep the dirt bike from flipping under itself. Another slight modification of a hill climbing dirt bike is on its rear shocks. The rear shocks must be extended and stiffened. They must be extended in order to properly sit right on the longer swing arm, and they must also be stiffened in order for the rider to maintain control over the rough and bumpy terrain. The next style of dirt bike is that of enduros. Enduro dirt bikes are literally made to endure. Many of these bikes closely resemble basic dirt bikes but with a few modifications. One common modification on an enduro bike is that they’re usually outfitted with a larger gas tank and stronger frames. These two simple changes allow any rider to ride for longer distances without encountering many problems of integrity of the bike or loss of gasoline. Another modification of these bikes is that the engines are fine tuned for longevity and durability. They’re usually custom built by hand using only the highest quality of materials, which allows the rider to know exactly which aspect of the engine is not in proper order