Dirt Bikes Memo Essay

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TO: Carl Schmidt, CEO & Steve McFadden, President and Chief Operating Officer
FROM: Raizy Fridman, Management Consultant
DATE: November 15, 2015
SUBJECT: Dirt Bikes Knowledge Management

Dirt Bikes was founded in 1991 and since then have grown tremendously. They employ over 120 workers, and continue to expand their product line and services offered. They rely on their network of distributors to sell to their retail customers across the globe. Their products are produced with parts from various sellers, and they continually improve upon their services. With all their success, they can definitely use the help of an information system and information technology to improve their organization. Market research has shown that
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Hiring a third party has its pros and cons, mainly being that the issues facing the company can be relegated to a third party to deal with. The stress would fall solely on the shoulders of the hired party who would charge a sum of money to deal with the problem in the lines of communication and security measurements that CEO and mangers would otherwise have to deal with. Top management would have to be constantly updated on the situation as to the direction the hired party is taking, however decision making would not fall in their laps. They would be absolved on mostly all the responsibilities that come along with ensuring a smooth and proper line of communication between employees, and securing the information being passed around.
Another option the company has is to set up an enterprise-wide management system and intranet to deal with all the issues. The intranet would be a very complex database of information. It would be able to hold information, allow changes to be made to the information, have a library of information embedded in the database, allow for collaboration of information, allow different amounts of access to different level employees, and allow for the scanning of information. This would be the basic function necessary, and would provide the base of the database.
Further, there would be a software that would allow for instant messaging, video conferencing and emailing between employees. The necessary lines of communication would be available to the