Dirty Bertie essay

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Dirty Bertie

In the children’s book 'Dirty Bertie' by David Roberts we see a sense of not belonging by the main character, a young boy aged around the age of 6 named Bertie who has shockingly dirty habits, from nose picking to weeing on the flowerbed, eating candy off the floor, and giving the dog a furry lick hello!. Whenever he does anything dirty, Bertie's family shouts, "No, Bertie! That's dirty Bertie!". Bertie's personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired and leaves him feeling a sense of not belonging as other older adults and even other children aren’t acting in the same manner he does... But he continues to act out with these disgusting habits. David Roberts almost creates the idea that immaturity and young age can sometimes be a factor in not belonging and that as we grow older and more mature we start be belong more with the people and things around us.

The leader news article 'Men of league out in force to help teammates past and present' We feels a huge sense of belonging in the news article 'Men of league out in force to help teammates past and present' from past and present Rugby league players as The Men of League Foundation helps to support members of the rugby league community who have fallen on hard times. Their vision is to build a Foundation that provides practical assistance with everything from medical operations, rehabilitation and nursing equipment to welfare support, grants and scholarships for past and present players. This not only creates belonging for the coaches and players but for more than 25,000 of the passionate members working towards a shared vision to celebrate the game’s rich history and the fans who and go to watch the match.
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