Dirty Harry movie review Essay

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“I know what you’re thinking did I fire five shots or six, well to be honest with you in all this excitement I kind of lost track, but I will ask you one thing, do you feel lucky? Well do you punk?”
This is probably one of the most famous movie quotes known worldwide, and so it should be. The famous inspector Harry Callahan, who played by his own rules when he couldn’t play by the rules of the law anymore, became the audiences favourite. He went above and beyond to be able to catch the criminal.
In past police movies the cops always abide by the law, their duty was to protect and make their city’s a safe and protected place to live. However, things changed in the Dirty Harry movies. Dirty Harry, played by Clint Eastwood, changed the way we view police movies. Harry doesn’t care when he says “to hell with the Bill of Rights”. Harry was known for playing the judge, jury and executioner. In one of the scenes we see Inspector Callahan (Harry) walk into a Burger Bar and be greeted by the chef as if they were close friends. Callahan orders his usual and they chat before he begins to eat but it isn’t long before we see Harry jump into action as an armed robbery is in progress across the street at the bank. Harry does not appear to be scared or ever worried about the danger that he was about to walk into and deal with.
After gun fire, a large car crash and of course the famous quote by Harry to the criminal “do you feel lucky?”, we see a brilliant camera shot of Harry standing in the middle of the street , all cool, calm and collected, finishing his mouthful of hotdog that he had only just started moments before. The camera close up shot on the inspector’s face gives the audience a great thrill as we see that he doesn’t stop giving and he never stops protecting his city, even to have his lunch. This gave me the image and sense of belief that the policing environment for Harry is just a typical day at the office.
During the movie we see the story line grow as a suspicious murder develops into a serial killing saga. This causes Inspector Callahan to become agitated and eager to catch the murderer before things get worse. We see Inspector Callahan’s frustration as he attempts to make contact with this vicious killer to stop him from hurting anyone else or even raise the death toll. We see this as the killer Scorpio demands a great sum of money from the city of New York or he will take another person’s life. This