Disability and Imagined family Ideal Essay

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28. Compulsive masculinity refers to men trying to prove their manhood and trying to have superiority over women and other men.
30. Jewish identity could not be based on Jewish religion because identity is who you are and religion is what you believe in so they have two separate meanings.
42. One aspect of gay culture is that they fear the public because they think if they show that they are different they won’t fit into our society anymore. Another aspect is that they are the targets of state control. They also have the gay movement so they can have equality.
43. Wealth is the abundance of valuable possessions. Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way. Prestige is admiration felt for someone on the basis of their achievements. When people are wealthy they have power and the people who look up to them have prestige.
44. Phenotype is the physical appearance of someone. In this class, we talk about how someone looks all the time. We talk about skin color and how an individual “should” look in our society.
45. I learned that the community of deaf people are not always considered disabled but can be considered an ethnic group too.
46. Just because someone has a disability does not mean they are disabled. Being disabled prevents someone from doing everyday activities. Some people can have discreditable disabilities that we can’t see but that doesn’t mean it prevents them from everyday activities. On the other hand someone can have discredited that we