Disability and Notation Color Blindness Essays

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We all know that each person differs from another and this is the reason that I would like to make my website handy, easy, convenient and last but not least tailored to each person’s needs. A lot of people experience some difficulties and disabilities that alienate them from the use of a website and make their life harder. However I am a conscientious individual and that’s why I would like to offer accessibility to this amount of people .Furthermore there are many categories of disability but I am going to provide my services to these categories: * Visual :low vision ,color blindness * Speech disability :dyslexia
Initially the web has become a commodity that everyone has to have to have and it is an integral part of each person’s life. The accessibility refers not only to disabled people but also to non-disable, because the website must be designed, organized, customized, edited in order to satisfy the user of the website. For instance in the general accessibility for a website must be included images and maps properly ,useful text links ,good keyboard navigation ,support the reader’s formatting options ,use of file formats that reader can use and provision of title for most object . http://www.e-bility.com/articles/dyslexia.php

* Vision Low vision
Websites that use absolute font sizes make it difficult for the low vision user to make this adjustment using his computer. An ideal website must include * Image rendering *