Examples Of Thinking About The Physical Disabilities

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Thinking About the Physically Disabled In today’s world, minorities are looked down upon and are treated as outcasts. We often stigmatize these minority groups, therefore they do not receive equal fairness. People with physical disabilities are often stigmatized by society. People with these disabilities should be granted additional attention through awareness; fundraisers, advocates, and the allowance of additional right through the disabilities act. Fundraisers can bring awareness to the world about those who are physically disabled. Fundraisers can be used to create events such as; sport events, marathons, or walks. During these events, the community is allowed to talk and have a good time with someone with physical disabilities. People can learn how those who are physically disabled live and survive. Children can learn about these people directly and have fun simultaneously. Another thing fundraisers can do is donate money to the member or members of a family who are financially unstable. This money can be used to buy an aide for the member, transportation, food, etc. These are the ways fundraisers can bring awareness to the world. Another way in which we can help bring awareness about those who are physically disabled is through advocacy. We need more people who can speak out to the public about people with physical disabilities and how they live. In today’s world, the youth look up to famous celebrities and follow up on their events. We should have these celebrities talk about those who are physically disabled. If celebrities have the power to gather a crowd of thousands of children in a concert, then I believe that they also have the power to gather a crowd of thousands of children to an event where they talk about people with physical disabilities. This can go for famous athletes, singers, actors, or any professional in the entertainment industry. I believe that it should be in our obligation to teach children about those who are physical disabled. This can persuade some children to volunteer and look out for those who are physically disabled. This is how advocacy can bring awareness about those who are physically disabled. One of the main ideas in the book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar, is love. The characters in the novel show their love with or without actually loving other characters in the book. Yunior and Oscar pursue various women and “love” them. In my opinion, I believe that Oscar and Yunior do not love the women they pursue in the novel. From the beginning of the book, it is easy to see Oscar’s disloyalty towards the women who he claims he loves and you can easily tell that he tries to get with any girl he just sees. In the beginning of the book he is dating two girls at the same time. By him having two girlfriends, it shows how he does not actually love either of them. If he really loves the girls he pursues, he would keep one and not two at the same time. When he breaks up with the girls he had in the beginning of the book that is when the curse comes in. Everything goes downhill for Oscar. After he dumps his two girlfriends Martiza and Olga he feels really lonely. Oscar becomes fat and unattractive. People start to think that he is a maricon (gay). With everyone making fun of him, calling him names; this makes Oscar feel miserable. With everyone criticizing his looks and his non-Dominican lifestyle, Oscar just wants to change to the person people want him to be. He is not good with women, sports, or music. He gets into the phase where he just picks out any girl, and tries to get with them. He would fall in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend, and he already knows it. When Oscar goes to his SAT prep class he meets a girl named Ana. Oscar gets to know her, talks to her most of the time, goes out to movies her, and of course he easily falls deeply in love with her. When Oscar and Ana talk, Ana constantly talks about her ex-boyfriend Manny. She says anything she wants about