Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriage Analysis

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Most young people grow up hoping to find their perfect soulmate, however, some already have this person chosen for them. An arranged marriage takes place when the parents of a child choose an individual who they believe “best fits” the needs of their child, and expect the two to wed. When it comes to these type of marriages, parents should leave it up to their child to find a life partner because happiness is not made a priority, new in-laws may interfere and cause stress, and compatibility is left up to chance. When extended family begins to intrude in the lives of the two newlyweds, issues may occur. In the article “Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages”, by Sharon Queano, the author makes the justification that “marital arguments are settled better when only the spouses are involved,” and “ when in-laws impose their views, this can cause stress to the marriage,” (Queano, p. 12). Because the two spouses don't know each …show more content…
As stated in the article, spouses placed in an arranged marriage are “convinced that if they don't feel any passionate love when the marriage takes place, love will bloom eventually,” (Queano, p. 11). Things like Financial stability are put first by the parents, rather than worrying about the two establishing an emotional connection before beginning a life together. It is often argued that parents always know what is best for their child. Parents do know their children very well and our wise from their own experiences. However they may not understand that their child finds joy and love in aspects that their parents do not understand or may not be able to relate to. Therefore the parents, who are under the impression that they know their child just as well as they know themselves, have a high chance of choosing someone who may at first seem compatible, but is possibly quite the