Disadvantages Of Balance Scorecard

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Balance scorecard framework can defined as a strategic planning and management system which is used among an organizations, business and industry to measure the performance of the decision making. This method is used in both internally and externally to enhance communication, and to guide an organization performance against the strategic goals. It was created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton as a method for the measurement of performance framework which to provide the financial metrics for the top management as an opinion of organizational performance. For example, which types of methods is most appropriate to use in an organization for decision making. This is because different organization is using the different method of their best outcome. For Balanced Scorecard Framework to be work effectively, the top management of an organization must understand about the vision and strategy of their company so that it can provide them with the reliable information for decision making. There are four effective methods of Balanced Scorecard Framework to be used, which are financial, …show more content…
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