Disadvantages Of CPEC

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The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) long-term infrastructural project as a major part of the One Belt One Road (OBOR) the major global initiative by the Chinese government, scheduled to complete by 2030. CPEC is a joint project that Beijing and Islamabad agreed to finance through Chinese investments utilizing investment loans largely by Chinese financial institutions; nevertheless, Pakistan will also be responsible for investing approximately 15 billion dollars on its own in the process. While the project has been welcomed by Greater Eurasia (including Russia, Iran, and Central Asia) besides the United Kingdom and Western European countries, albeit vehement opposition by India. Paper elaborates upon the positive and negative elements that will likely impact the project progress, from internal political, …show more content…
The establishment of communication from Kashgar (China) to Gawadar –Baluchistan (Pakistan) has been agreed to be completed by 2030. Chinese Government is trying to utilize the entire necessary supporting role to enabling the environment for the open economic system and logistic system in the regional vision of CPEC. The CPEC not only for the China and Pakistan but will also benefit the surrounding countries. Pakistan will increase its economic growth through this project, and it is the right initiative for both countries China and Pakistan. The CPEC has great importance for the both countries. CPEC is envisioned as a corridor of peace, prosperity, and development. Although the CPEC will face a lot of challenges has significant potentials of promising future. The peoples of Pakistan were adversely affected in the past due to inadequate opportunities and lack of right decision. The CPEC will have a transformational impact on the state and the prosperity of the peoples of