Disadvantages Of Responsive Web Design

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When you talk about SEO these days, one of the terms that constantly come up is “responsive web design.” You might have heard a different version for the term since responsive theme, responsive page design, responsive layout, mobile-optimised layout, etc. basically signify the same thing. They talk about the ability of a web page or layout to adapt to the screen of the device a visitor is using to browse the website or web page. It can be achieved easily to make the content load in real-time to fit the device screen of the user whether it is a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

While responsive layout is not a new concept, it has only recently received its due ever since top search engines started giving preference to mobile-optimised websites.
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Improved SEO: Businesses spend a lot of money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) since the strategies and practices employed under SEO can impact the incoming traffic from search engines. Since the search engines are now giving preference to the websites with responsive layouts and themes, if you have a responsive web design, you are automatically two steps ahead of your competition. Your SEO efforts will pay off many-fold when you have a mobile-optimised website.

Low Maintenance: Once you have a website with a responsive layout, you do not have to worry about how it will appear on different screens. The layout is already designed in such a way that the content will load by adapting to the screen size of the device used to browse the website without any effort or changes on your part. Your content will look good whether someone uses a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone to visit your
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Most of them leave after waiting for a few seconds since slow-loading websites lose the interest and trust of a visitor. No matter how strong your SEO foundation is, if your site does not load fast and takes time to adjust to the visitor’s screen, you will not be able to retain your website traffic. Even if the search engines send in visitors, you will lose them because of your slow loading site. A responsive layout makes your website load fast on any type of screen as compared to a fixed width screen and also makes your content look great. If you are working with a firm providing digital marketing services, you already know how crucial loading time is for