Disadvantages Of Social Media

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As time goes on, technology has been a major element in society in different aspects. Going more in-depth about technology, social media has progressed incredibly fast as it became a major lifestyle in the community. The same concept applies to how the medical field manages social media, it is performing extraordinarily results in the modern day. Moreover, various people use social media as a daily basis in their routine, a matter of fact, it has become a necessity, some will check their health status online, others will contact doctors seeking for advice. It remotely connects patients from different nations with health facilities. Also, it is a great route to seek information or beloved ones. In the medical field, social media is an effective factor to prevent smoking and reduce its side effects, it has made promising results and more efficient in several ways. Such as spread awareness about smoking, enhance professional network between physicians to share patient records, or communication and progress tracking.
The best way to defeat diseases is by preventing them from occurring. The same thing goes to smoking and its
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Indeed, social media has caused some medical issues to several people since the day it became a thing by promoting products just for business benefits. Liang points out how tobacco industries use the digital work, “In particular, URLs of Web-based tobacco shops are frequently embedded in the posts and profiles for sales promotions.” (Exploring How the Tobacco Industry). These links make the process for potential buyers more convenient, it saves time and provides faster access. Furthermore, many advertisements on different websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram promote a false idea with the use of famous faces to the teenagers. But just how social media promotes smoking, it also contributes to smoke cessation by influential commercials and