Disaster Recovery Essay

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The disaster recovery plan for SunGrafix includes step-by-step procedures of the disaster recovery process. Since this is a gamin company, the DR plan is quite different than a normal business. We have covered or at least touched all the eight steps of disaster recovery plan. It includes facilities’ diagrams, network diagrams, risk assessments, threat mitigation process, plan test results and action plan etc.
The Need For a Disaster Recovery Plan
SunGrafix’s business sales have been increasing in last two years almost by double. The products and services that SunGrafix provide to its customers are more than ever. “Once a disaster strikes, it's too late to stop and go through the planning process. To be effective, a disaster recovery plan must be in place before a problem arises. While it may not be possible to plan in advance for every possible situation that can harm a business, some problems are more likely to occur than others. By coming up with contingency plans for the most likely disasters, the negative effects of such events can often be mitigated”(Olson, 2008).
When our team looked at this organization as a whole, we didn’t see any planning that has been going on to protect the organization. The Upper management has agreed to design and develop a good disaster recovery plan for this organization after reviewing the threat assessment document we submitted to them. SunGrafix employees and IT infrastructures would be in danger without a planning, and the business could go bankrupt if we do not plan for a disaster before it strikes. “An effective disaster recovery plan will ease the first hectic days because you will already know what to do to keep your business running effectively and efficiently. During a disaster and in its immediate aftermath, having an established and well-rehearsed emergency protocol will save you,