My First Part Time Job

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No doubt we make a lot of stupid decisions and actions that bring us to an awkward position among people which was my case twelve months ago where I got my first part time job as a sale representative in a local cutlery company. To commemorate this memory, my mother took a picture of me standing behind the company building as I was wearing a black suit for my first time at work. It all started when I received a call from my dad on a Monday afternoon. He apparently had filled out a job application for me on the Internet, so I can start working and receive a decent income for my education expenses. I was personally excited to get into working, gain experience, and meet new people instead of consuming most of my time studying. The interview day was probably one of the most awkward days to tell; I arrived late, washed up by the rain, and my business attire wet. There were two more candidates with me taking the interview on the same day; furthermore, comfort and confidence for me were out of the image that day. The interview consisted of three main parts: communicating, demonstrating and selling. Already missing half of the first part, the instructor continued on to the second part of the presentation and started to cut some leather to demonstrate the high efficiency of their knives. He asked me to cut the leather between his hands which I ended up cutting along with his right thumb. After a while the person came back and I sincerely apologized and told him that I should have been more careful, but he was not bothered at all and was in fact explaining that it happened many times before since the knives were sharpened every day which sounded strange and suspicious to me. Shortly afterward, I accidently kicked the side table and spilled coffee on the instructor. The level of awkwardness just reached an insane level, and I just wanted to get out of the office. The other co-workers were entertained and could…