Discipline: Corporal Punishment and extremely Interesting Conversation Essay examples

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There are so many different opinions on this topic that it makes for extremely interesting conversation. Upon becoming a mother, I have noticed a copious amount of previous generation individuals, between ages 40 and 80, have a strong, supportive opinion towards the idea of corporal punishment. On the contrary, parents between my generation and the latter, have quite the paradoxical opinion concerning the concept of corporal punishment. Considering there is such a difference of opinion, the result is newer ideas believed to be more sufficient for disciplining children. Personally, I prefer the idea of natural consequences, which is becoming an increasingly popular method of discipline. Obviously, if my daughter is doing something potentially dangerous, I am not going to allow her to continue doing so in order to learn what happens. However, if she decides to feed our dog her Goldfish snacks, she will eventually realize the Goldfish have dwindled until they have been completely exiled and she has none remaining for herself. My expectation is that my daughter will cease from feeding our dog her food and cry for more when they dissipate. Typically, the natural consequences method tends to work for my daughter; however, there are situations in which this method is far from logical. In dangerous misbehaviors, such as playing with electrical sockets, or running from me in a public environment, the time-out method is what works best for my daughter. Considering she is only 15 months old, setting rules for time out isn’t exactly feasible, but as she gets older previous rules and