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Comparing ‘Disco Pigs’ (1996) and ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ (1947)
Music and the repeated use of it, is a prominent example of how escapism is presented in Tennessee William’s ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ and Enda Walsh’s ‘Disco Pigs’. In Disco Pigs, Runt and Pig immerse themselves into the music playing in the nightclub. Pig repeatedly chanting “jus me jus me jus me jus me jus me!!” whilst the music is playing in the nightclub. The repeated phrase indicates how music is used as a form of escapism. Pig repeating “jus me” highlights how to music related to him exclusively and how it affects him.

Exclusive language spoken amongst Pig and Runt. Mix between English-Irish and their own creation. The exclusivity of their language and how it isolates and separates them from everybody and thus- reality is a form of escapism.
The way in which Enda writes their colloquial dialect emphasises how cut off from reality and virtually feral they are. The spelling of the basic words such as ‘the’ is changed to “da” not only to emphasise their accent but also to show how their uneducated and still very infantile. As well as frequent use of onomatopoeia. “smash”
References to fairy tales and fantasies. “Dis roam is my kingdom! Pig da king! Ma bed da throne…” Pig thinks of himself as a King and that he and Runt are the King and Queen of their fantasy world. Their childish, infantile fantasies evokes the thought of it being used as an escape, especially from reality. References to