Essay about Discovering Self-Identity through Belonging: Instances in Literature

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‘Belonging is the cornerstone to finding identity in an individual’.
(Evaluate how) To what extent is this true of your texts?
My Argument-The emotion of belonging is essential for one to find their identity.
An individual must find the place to which they belong in order to establish a sense of self-identity. In ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick, the characters each overcome barriers that threaten their journey of finding belonging and determining who they are, as their current circumstances juxtapose where they long to be. John Steinbeck creates a deeply challenging journey for each character in ‘Of Mice and Men’, through providing each of them with a sense of self loathe as they don’t belong in themselves, ultimately preventing them to belong altogether. In ‘An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow’ by Les Murray, the weeping man uncovers the emotion of gratification within himself after the journey to belong comes to an end. With ones individual journey of belonging the concluding outcome will create an honest fulfilled sense of identity.

If an individual does belong in a place and among others, they have a greater sense and appreciation of self. In ‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick, Billy finds he does belong in the town of Benderat after the desperate escape from his home where he never belonged. In the poem by Les Murray, ‘An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow’, the weeping protagonist discovers in this self-created place of sorrow, he truly does belong and leaves the scene content in his achievements.

When an individual does not belong anywhere, they cannot grasp who they are and have a