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Discovery is often triggered by the unexpected event and in turn, opens more opportunities of discovery after.
Carries the narrative and comes through her journey in a positive way

Overcomes many obstacle sin her journey of discovery
May has trouble belonging from the time her mother dies

No sense of identity

Sense of dislocation also occurs because of her aboriginality in a society that sees her as a second rate person or a coon bitch
Doesn’t even seem to fit with her own people
The loss of her mother encourages her to go on the journey of discovery of her identity

Learns about her Aboriginal heritage but experiences much more
The experiences May gets on her trip are far more valuable than what she gains from finding the last of the Gibson family
Wich sets out to explore, through May, the concept of a character discovering life, her culture, her family and herself. Along this jouney we too discover much bout the conflicts that the indigenous community have in existing in a land that has de valued their culture and even existence

Negative discoveries that May makes on her jorney. Not all discoveries are positive
That place and belonging and identity are also part of who she is and musch of her journey revolves around these aspects. Her home is at Paradise Parade, it is her land

Discovering belonging and May’s search for her identity as an individual and as an Aboriginal person. Along the way she certainly learns where she doesn’t belong and does suffer discrimination and estrangement
Sense of belonging is generally tied to family for all the characters in the text whatever culture but for the Aboriginal people it is also tied to place, as this is part of Aboriginal identity

May needs to discover the place where she belongs
Desire to belong, loses it