Discovery: The Shawshank Redemption and Brett Essay

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Experiences provide discoveries which may be as threating as they are rewarding.
“Raw” by Scott Monk and “Shawshank Redemption” by Stephen King show that through experiences discoveries can be a threating as they are rewarding. The composers uses the life experiences of Brett Dalton andAndy Dufresne the main charters along with characterisation, language and imagery to express the themes of protest, enforcement and compliance.
Protest is a theme expressed through both texts. The composers have used their main characters Brett and Andy to show the protest. Protest is first seen in ‘Raw’ when Brett is sent to ‘the farm’; a facility ran for young troubled boys. Brett first lets the audience know what he thinks of the farm. Brett sees it as “just old McDonald and a couple of geese” this quote shows that Brett does not have or want any respect of the farm. Brett than protests against the rules and regulations set before with his quote “as if…” like he is going to change his way of life. This quote allows the audience see Brett’s options and tuff boy attitude. Through his experiences at the start with Sam Brett finds if he follows the rules maybe life won’t be so bad after all. His first experience of his obeying Sam resulting in the whole farm being punished, through this Brett comes to the understanding his actions do not only affect him and that he must eventually accept the consequences of his actions. This discovery for Brett is both rewarding as it is threating through the