Discrimination and David Batty People Essay

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In today’s society equality and the art of “being fair” is ever so popular, as it should be. The amount of opportunities in front of any American is mind blowing, and everything seems to be a competition with someone else. Discrimination is a harsh to the point word with a much more extraordinary definition than the one given by the dictionary. “ The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things.” The art of judging someone by how the look or how you perceive him or her to be has been around since the beginning of man. There are ways to eliminate discrimination and do without it. Over the years the way people are judged or looked at has changed and will always continue to over time.
Discrimination is todays society is far different than discrimination in the 1930’s or 1950’s. Women’s rights are something that is still present in today’s society as well as back in the early 1900’s. Men have always seen themselves smarter or above women just in general. This is not the case at all, all men and women are equal and no man should be looked at as “better” or “more suited” than any woman. Women were discriminated against because they were not said to have been as smart as the man so they were given lesser duties. Ever since man and woman were made equal women have risen to the occasion and not let any personal judgments by people hold them back. Even though two things are said to be equal under law, that can never change anyone’s beliefs or what they believe should be happening. “We run from things that we don’t understand and when we can’t run, we demonize the people who are different from ourselves.” (Scott Benner) This leads me to the discrimination of African Americans and how to this day people are still racist toward someone of another skin color. This is probably the most used example of “discrimination” and it is very serious. Since the civil war and the so-called “end to slavery” there have been people who do not agree. It is human nature almost to stand for what you believe in. Racism and discrimination towards people of the opposite race can be a very touchy subject and can be sensitive to a lot of people. Although it is a sensitive topic it really is a huge problem in the world we live in. And not just Whites and Blacks but other races that have prejudices assumed about them as well. “The moment a little boy is concerned with which is a jay and which is a sparrow, he can no longer see the birds or hear them sing.” (-Eric Berne) When man is not seen as one whole, there is no more harmony for one is seen as different.
Our society right now is so contradictive with any news that is put out. All black colleges are allowed but if there was an all white college? Wouldn’t that be labeled racist? When in the end it is just fair? This is just one example of how discrimination and racism have affected everyone growing up in this world and how it will continue to with the help from our parents. There really is no way to completely put an end to racism and discrimination because it is a part of our American history and no one will ever forget what happened and erase their own beliefs. Parents are a large contributing factor because they are the ones that ultimately instill beliefs upon their kids, which every parent does.
Discrimination of the mentally handicapped is something else that is not only a big problem but something that is just so rude and mean. All because someone is different than you, you exploit him or her. Some challenged people I have met