Discrimination and Ernie Essay

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Discrimination is a disease, daily people are treated unjustly. Watching the movie The Express and reading the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk KIdd I realize in order to face and solve our problems we must find courage within oneself. There are countless examples of characters in both works that have overcame the obstacles of racism, discrimination and prejudice.

In the movie The Express, Ernie Davis took on great challenges in order to overcome racism, discrimination and prejudice. “People always asked me where I was running from, but it wasn’t about where i was running from; it’s where I was running to.” Even from the beginning, Ernie was treated poorly because of his race. Ernie and his cousin Will were collecting glass bottles on the railroad tracks, soon however some white boys showed up. The external conflict between the two groups of boys was apparent. The group of white boys told them they better return “their” bottles and leave. Ernie refuses and runs away from the angry group of boys. He runs and runs and finally escapes with both him and the collected bottles intact. At the time he was relieved but to his dismay this scene only foreshadowed more harsh treatment in the future.

Ernie grew up to be an amazing athlete and person. He always knew where he stood and did what he truly believed was right. He was chosen to play football at Syracuse, where his role model Jim Brown attended and played football. He was honored and excited to meet his new coach. His coach treated him poorly at first but as soon as he watched him gracefully on the field he grew to appreciate him more and more. For their first game Ernie was in the lineup. The other team was harsh, defensive and full of rude remarks. Opposing players would purposely hurt, tackle and put down Ernie. Ernie’s coach soon called him out of the game because things were getting too rough. He sent in a substitute player but Ernie refused and stay in the game. He scored the first touchdown and was ecstatic. Ironically, the coach was not pleased but upset, he called Ernie out once again and had hit sit out on the bench. Ernie reacts in disbelief and confusion when the coach tries to explain why that was a bad idea Ernie retaliates and sticks up for himself. “ Am I invisible to you? Am I an X and O in your playbook or do you see a person standing here?”

“This is not just a game. We’re fighting something else out on the field right now.”

Syracuse grew to be an unstoppable team, with Ernie as their star receiver. The team was summoned to a game against another undefeated team in Texas, the challenge was accepted and the boys packed their bags, hop on the bus and head towards their crucial game. The setting in Texas was far more different than in New York. People were more prejudice and abusive to those of color. Down south all black people were treated like worthless garbage. At game time the team is pumped, nervous but ready to prove a point. On the field the opposing team is more quarrelsome than expected and Ernie due to his heritage is clearly a main target. When making an important pass Ernie is tackled which sent him flying through the air, He hit the football turf hard and everyone was silent. Ernie was seriously hurt and had trouble getting up. He was assisted off the field and examined by a doctor who confirmed the revolting truth, Ernie cannot continue playing in this game.

Ernie takes this in, he hears people screaming his name out there and decides he has to do what is right. He gathers up his strength, puts on his uniform and gets back in the game. The crowd is incredulous, and cheer him on as he rejoins the huddle There is little time left and he has to make his play. The ball is passed from the quarterback to Ernie. Ernie runs and runs until he meets the endzone and scores the winning touchdown. The crowd goes insane, Syracuse is victorious on and off the field.

In the book The Secret life of bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Many characters