Discrimination and Global Warming Essay

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Ally Collinson
Religion 9 5 Global Issues That Need Our Prayer

More than at any other time in history, the future of humankind is being shaped by issues that are beyond any one nation’s ability to solve. There is only so much we as people can do alone, but with help of prayer and God’s mercy we could come to conquer these issues. The 5 issues that I think are most in need of our prayer are extreme poverty and starvation, clinical depression, discrimination, global warming, and animal rights. If one reflects a moment on these examples, they will see that there are many reasons to pray for our world.

The first global issue that desperately needs prayer is extreme poverty and starvation. Poverty is at the root of many of the problems facing children today. It stops parents from providing the nutritious food their children need, causing starvation and malnutrition damaging their physical and mental development. Poverty in developing countries often makes it impossible for children to go to school effecting and damaging the education of our future adults and leaders.

Even a small step can make a difference, especially if many participate and try to make a difference. If I look around my home to find things that you I haven’t used in years, and are unlikely to use, I could box them up, and bring them to a local thrift shop or Salvation Army, so that they can be used by those who will use them and who need them. A few hours a week or month of time can mean a difference of a lifetime to many. There are many organizations that work to provide food, clothing, shelter, and other assistance to those who are in need. Spending a few moments to find one to support with time or efforts can help these organizations fulfill their missions and make a difference in the lives of many. A single voice by itself can be beautiful, but a chorus of voices has a strength that can shake the world.

Clinical depression is a very serious issue in the world and I think people suffering with this need our prayer. Feeling sad, or what we may call "depressed", happens to all of us. The sensation usually passes after a while. However, people with a depressive disorder - clinical depression - find that their state interferes with daily life. Their normal functioning is undermined to such an extent that both they and those who care about them are affected by it. Depression can lead to emotional and physical problems. Typically, people with depression find it hard to go about their day-to-day activities, and may also feel that life is not worth living. Depression is a mental state or chronic mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, loneliness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach; accompanying signs include irritability, withdrawal from social contact, and states such as loss of appetite and insomnia. Depression often appears in teens or people in their early 20’s due to stress from school or relationships combined with a tragedy such as a loss of a loved one, abuse, or severe bullying. Depression is a major contributor to deaths by suicide. In fact, over 90% of people who die by suicide have clinical depression or another diagnosable mental disorder. People suffering with depression need our prayer and support so that with God’s help they may seek treatment and overcome this illness.
The best way I can help someone battling depression is to recognize the signs and if the person has not seen a professional I can convince them to seek help. I could talk to them and give them someone to be able to talk to about their problems, be a supportive friend. The most important thing to help someone with depression is stay in contact, people with depression feel as though no one cares anymore and they start to drift away from their friends. Depression is a serious issue that needs our prayer and support.

Discrimination is an ongoing issue in society all over the world that we can pray for. Societies in today’s generation have all practiced