Discrimination and White Males Essay

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U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

In this article, it state that historically, discrimination against minorities and women was not only accepted, but it was also governmentally required. While minorities were suffering from white supremacy, women were suffering from male supremacy. The most common form of discrimination rests at the level of prejudiced individual attitudes and behaviors. Not only is discrimination practiced by individuals, there can be organizational discrimination. This is often reinforced by the well-established rules, policies, and practices of an organization. Then there is the cycle of structural discrimination that reproduces itself. This type of discrimination occurs within employment, education, housing, and the government.

Ultimately discrimination is maintained through individual actions in all types. The process started in the past still routinely bestows privileges, favors, and advantages on white males, while imposing disadvantages and penalties on minorities and women. The process also involves many aspects of our society. There is no single factor that can sufficiently explain why discrimination occurs and no single way to end it. As the article states, we must become aware of the process that exists and try to avoid encouraging it, because there are many unfortunate consequences. The book explains many levels of discrimination. They include verbal expression, avoidance, exclusion, and the most