Discrimination: Ford Motor Company and Overtime Essay

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A few years ago I went to work in a very large stamping factory. It stamped out car parts for a foreign car maker. My first job was as an operator on a 250 ton press. They had four of them; they were the smallest presses in the plant. Each press required two operators. Cars were selling at an incredible pace and we were working ten hour days, seven days a week. I liked my job and I liked the overtime because it gave me some spare money after I paid my bills. My first supervisor was both fair and truthful. Things were going good until the day my boss quit. The man who replaced my boss did not share his qualities. He had left his job at Ford Motor Company to come to work at my plant. He was an obnoxious and vulgar man who would use very foul language during our zones morning meetings. We not only had women in our area but also a preacher. I thought his vulgar mouth was uncalled for and rude. I managed to keep quiet until one day he began to give the overtime for my press to one of his friends and he sent me to the metal defect repair area. I hated the repair area so I discussed it with him but did not get him to change what he was doing. He was not shy about letting me know that he was supervisor over that area and would schedule overtime however he chose. I grew more and more frustrated so I began to gather data about his behavior. I had already learned that lower management and middle management did not like for employees to rock the boat but at this point I did not care. I asked all the other supervisors how they did their overtime and found out he was the only one removing someone off their regular job and replacing them with an employee from another area. I also began to copy his overtime charts and keep records. After several weeks of gathering information I made and appointment to talk to the vice president of human resources about my problem. I figured there…