Discrimination In David Kirby's Inked Well

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Has anyone ever been in a situation where someone has been looked at differently because of their appearance or stereotypes attached to their appearance? Appearance-based discrimination has a vast influence on many aspects of life and can impede the lives of countless people. Appearance-based discrimination can be based on numerous factors such as race, ethnicity, social standing, beliefs, and experiences. These topics are discussed in Sherman Alexie's "Superman and Me" as he talks about his experience with appearance-based discrimination and how he overcame it and tried to help others overcome it. In David Kirby's "Inked Well," he talks about tattoos, their background and beauty, how they allow people to express themselves, and how society …show more content…
People with tattoos not in prison are either latent criminals or degenerate aristocrats" (692). This is a clear-cut example of how stereotypes can be persistent as the author elaborates how it is okay for a Pacific islander to cover himself with tattoos as it is a part of their culture, but when a modern person wants to protect themselves with tattoos as a form of expression or culture, they are seen as criminal or degenerate. Being labeled as a criminal degenerate aristocrat for simply having tattoos is a very persistent stereotype, with all types of people suffering from it. Breaking out of stereotypes can be one of the most challenging things to do, especially in different environments. Stereotypes tend to be very persistent and stick to the people they are latched onto, whether true or false, as that is how society labels people without even knowing who they truly are. Notably, stereotypes can be broken by not giving in to the effects of the stereotype. Individuals can overcome the impact of the stereotype by not letting it affect who they are or what they think they are, and by not allowing it to label them. Sherman Alexie writes, "I refuse to fail." I was a smart one. I was a bit