Discrimination In The Workplace

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Although it is 2014 and everyone would like to think that there is such a thing as discrimination and prejudices, there is. It is as simple as that. Many things could cause issues in a work environment. The things that first come mind are things such as race and gender, and now a days there are many more things that are continuing to be increasing issues. Currently there are many different things at my employer. The last company gathering we had was a couple weekends ago. Years ago, we called it a Christmas party, a couple years ago we changed it to holiday party, and we now have to call a recognition party. There was talk about calling it an end of the year party, but for some nationalities their new year is not actually January, so we couldn’t do that either. There was many hours and dollars spent on trying to make the recognition party a success. Starting with the invitations, location, decorations and food. It was a huge waste if you ask me. It was at a local hotel and well, this time of the year hotels decorate with Christmas trees. There were employees that left when they saw them because they considered it to be rude and disrespectful. As the party continued more people got defensive or upset, some left and others just had a bad attitude over multiple things. There was not a vegetarian option (which I agree what silly) But the kitchen was more the cooperative and was able to quickly make a batch of one of the macaroni sides without meat, the main course was pork. Again I agree, was a bad decision. The vegetarian option makes sense to have now that I think of it, but I was not aware that we worked with vegetarians, but pork as a main course when we have many co-workers that do not eat pork, due to religion. As the night continues, desert trays get scattered in different areas of the banquet hall. Some have bars, cookies, pies, cakes but there were sugar cookies shaped as bells, stars and trees, which continued to upset the people that had not already left because of something else that had already upset them. I have many opinions about many things, but I know the people planning the party had a lot going on and tried to plan as well as they could. The Christmas trees in the hotel were completely out of anybody’s hands. It was at a huge hotel, with over 500 rooms. To even consider asking or paying them to remove the 50 foot trees in random places through-out the hotel is a ridiculous request, or for them a demand. I was very upset that people left before we even ate over that. The food was on a slightly different level I think. We don’t all have to look at the trees, but we do all eat. The pork was a very rude gesture. I honestly believe that our center director’s assistant is very disrespectful and prejudice. According to our text prejudice is a preconceived attitude, usually unfavorable, that is formed without critical thought or evaluation of the facts. (Nevid).