Discrimination of Gays in the Workplace Essay examples

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"Even when blatant sexism and racism are absent, undertones of sexism, racism, or homophobia prompt discriminatory behaviors toward non-dominant members (see Swim, Aikin, Hall, & Hunter, 1995) or create tensions because discriminatory behaviors could occur (see Hecht et al., 1993; Woods, 1994). At other times, non-dominant members may feel uncomfortable because they apparently are the only members of their groups at organizational functions or they feel pressure in being different (for token status, see Allen, 1998; Kanter, 1977; Keene, in Tucker, 1994; Morrison, White, Van Velsor, & The Center for Creative Leadership, 1987). It is not only "emotionally draining . . . to exist in a near constant state of adapting to another culture's view of the world" (Thomas & Wetlaufer, 1997, p. 125), but also detrimental to long-term relationship formation and positive self-regard (Buzzanell)."

This dominant group/non-dominant group dynamic has caused many problems for human resource managers and for companies in general. Such problems exist mainly when there exists a group of people that are on the most different from those in the dominant group. This is particularly true when the lifestyle or sexuality of the non-dominant group are contradictory to the religious convictions of the dominant group. This is ripe soul upon which discrimination can form against homosexuals. This type of discrimination has often been overlooked by companies and organizations and continues to be a