Essay on Discrimination: Religion and Particular Religious Group

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Because of religious discrimination has been a major problem in the workplace, there has been laws put in place to protect individuals who different religious groups. Religious discrimination is defined as treating a person unfavorable because of his or her belief. Furthermore, religious discrimination includes treating someone differently because they are married or associated with someone of a particular religious group ( Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, forbids religious discrimination when it comes to hiring, firing, pay, job assignments etc. Employers are not allowed to ask an individual about their religion on their application. Asking questions like “Will your religion prevent you from working on Sundays?” is illegal ( Employers have the responsibility to accommodate employee’s religious beliefs and practices at work. For example, if a person needs to pray during their shift at work, employers can provide flexible scheduling or shift swaps so that the employee can still exercise their right to practice their religion ( There are cases when the employer does not have to make special accommodations for the employee. But the employer must prove that the accommodation is not feasible ( Another situation that employer doesn’t have to accommodate the employees religious belief, is if it is a safety issue for the individual.
In addition to the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Employment Act of 1972 also protects employees from racial discrimination. Employees have the right to sue in federal courts if that can prove they can prove their company or employer has discriminated for reasons that do not apply to job ( In order to sue in a federal court it is up to the employee to prove that they have experienced disparate treatment or disparate impact. Disparate treatment occurs when different standards are used to judge individual or the same standard is used, but is not related to the individual’s job. For example, a company cannot have a policy in place that requires criminal background checks of all Jewish people. Disparate impact occurs when members of a protected category (race,gender,age,religion etc.), are substantially underrepresented as a result of employment decisions that work to their disadvantage(Human Resource). An example of disparate impact is requiring at test that only one religion would understand and making it harder for other religions to pass. If the employee can prove that he or she is a victim to any of the two treatments, they will be able to take their employer to court. According to Human Resource Management by Robert L. Mathis dress code and appearance can be a major issue for those of specific religious backgrounds. For example some religious require people to wear long garments. For businesses that have a lot of machinery, this can be a safety hazard because long clothing are scarfs can get caught it the machines. Legally employers have to make reasonable accommodations to those with religious beliefs, but it might be impossible to do so if the individual’s safety is in jeopardy. An alternative would be to let the employee work somewhere that isn’t hazardous. At other companies like Walt Disney World, men are required to have clean shaved face to work at the amusement parks. This would be a problem for