Essay Discriptive on the Kansas City Plaza

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Navidad Dixon
Composition 1

How many places around today still holds Christmas spirit the way that movies do? How many places still around today that dose Christmas specials live? How many places around to this very day decorates their buildings so beautifully and full of spirit that rivals Santa himself? When this question was asked vigorously around the University of central Missouri campus many, with a smile on their face, said the Kansas City plaza. They talk of the snow, the bells ringing on every corner, the bustling of the stores, the music seemingly coming from nowhere, then when they look up they describe the most dazzling lights atop every building that seems to intensify as they reflect of the night sky and when they were done reminiscing they turned to the reporter, with a big smile on their face, and said who wouldn’t want to go to plaza at Christmas time. Those who gave their input into the survey going around the UCM campus all seemed to mention the snow. How when you rode into the plaza everything seemed to be something out of a storybook, snow on ground that sprinkled so slowly from the sky it was a miracle in itself that the ground was so cover in the purest of white snow, the reflection from the sky made it look of the faintest of blues. Major shopping districts usually go hand and hand with cars and traffic, and anyone who lives in a city knows that in the winter time the snow near the street, the snow turns black with exhaust and dirt from cars, but on the plaza, as busy as it is, didn’t have a spec of black snow anywhere. The snow was beautifully preserved on the edge of the side walk and on top the surrounding buildings, it is a mesmerizing site. A site that was accompanied by the faintest but most beautiful sound of bells. Many had them on clothes or doors, but the main source of these bells were from people who stood in the cold admirably to collect money for a wide…