Discuss The Background Behind The Establishment Of The Anglican Church In England, And The Church Of England

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1. Elizabeth I

“Virgin Queen”­ was never married because she was
“married to England.”

Henry IV


When he becomes king he changes religion to Catholicism to unite France
“Paris is worth a mass Ends Spanish influence, unites country Signs Edict of Nantes

Catherine de Medicis

Plays both sides of civil war
Sides with Guises to avoid war with Spain
Supports both
Catholic League and

2. Discuss the impact of the 30 Years War and the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. ● Political / Military ­ Netherlands becomes a country ­ New Military tactics ­ New phase of diplomacy ­ Real power of Spain ends ­ Germany divided into more than 300 seperate states ● Social Changes ­ Social Class division ­ 1/3 of the German Population dies ­ Regionalism in the HRE
● ­ Taxes ­ Demand for workers ­ German Division ● Religious Changes ­ Decline in power of Pope and HRE ­ Calvinism is legal ­ Reaffirm Peace of Augsburg, leader chooses the religion ­ No more war based on religion alone


Discuss the background behind the establishment of the Anglican Church in England and the policies of Henry VIII? Edward VI? Mary I? Elizabeth I? ● Henry VIII ­ creates Church of England